Company Profile

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A new choice in sportswear. Established in Shiga Prefecture in 2019, New Heights is a company that makes sportswear and activewear. 

New Heights seeks to raise the standard for sportswear by providing a quality product that supports any sports setting, for top athletes or anyone with a love for sports.

“New Heights” - To an even greater elevation.
We are in the business of manufacturing products that will guide your performance and your mind to New Heights via our sportswear.


Product Concept 

【Our design philosophy is substance over superficiality. 】

This is our belief in regards to product development.  

We believe that design’s main goal must be to support functionality, not applying lots of prints and logos.
Patterns that support smooth body movement, sewing techniques that emphasize flexibility, and visual designs expressed through color.
Our goal is to have as many sports lovers as possible think, “I discovered a great product.” To that end, we strive to create functional beauty and the best craftsmanship possible in our patterns, sewing, and materials. 


Company Overview

Company Name|New Heights. Inc.

ServicesNew Heights Brand Planning, Manufacture, and Sales

EstablishedNovember 25, 2019

Location270-1, Godo, Maibara, Shiga, 521-0072, Japan

Managing DirectorNaoki Hasegawa 

Phone+81 (0)749-59-3375