About Shipping

Shipping Fee

Delivery within Japan

  ¥800(tax included)

*Hokkaido, Okinawa and Other Remote Islands: ¥1,000(tax included)

For the customer who purchased more than ¥8,000 in a single order, and only if the delivery destination is within Japan, the shipping fee will not be charged. (Subject to change or terminate without notice.)

Delivery to the world

We can ship anywhere all over the world.
Shipping fees vary depending on the destination you chose.
Please be aware that shipping to certain countries/area is suspended or significantly delayed due to the COVID-19.
For more information, please contact us via FAQ, Contact Us page.

North America:¥3,000

Shipping method

The delivery method is the method specified by this store, and as a general rule, customers cannot choose it.

Delivery days

We use a shipping method with a tracking number to ensure delivery to our customers.

In the case of delivery within Japan, it will basically arrive within 1 to 3 days after the delivery is completed. (In the case of remote islands, it may take 3 to 4 days.) Shipping outside Japan depends on the shipping method. We will deliver it as soon as possible.
This does not apply in areas where natural disasters or large-scale events are held.

Damage during shipping

When packing, we will prepare for shipping with due consideration so that the outer box will not be scratched or dented. However, there is a possibility that some trouble or damage may occur during transportation after delivery to the delivery company.
Please forgive scratches and dents on the outer box that do not interfere with the use of the main unit.

Lost after delivery

Please note that we cannot guarantee the loss or theft of the product after the delivery is completed.

Return to sender

After shipping, if the product does not arrive at the customer due to incorrect input and is returned, we will resend it by "cash on delivery". Please confirm that the name and address of the delivery address are correct in the order confirmation email. If you do not receive the confirmation email of your order, please contact us from "Contact us" .


For inquiries regarding product delivery, please use "FAQ, Contact Us" or email us.